Popular Show Book of Mormon Tickets at Prince of Wales Theatre London

Hilarious satire the Book of Mormon has commenced its West End run this March at the Prince of Wales Theatre London. The musical has been conceived by writer of numerous popular BBC sitcoms, Trey Parker and his buddy Matt Stones. The two Buddies have been joined in their endeavour by co-creator of Avenue Q, Robert Lopez. The piece perfectly reflects its creative team’s inclination towards the Mormonism school of thoughts and musical theatres.

Lampooning upon organized religion and traditional musical theatre, the Book of Mormon has enjoyed an award winning run so far. The show has been directed by Casey Nicholaw and Trey Parker and has book, music and lyrics by Parker, Stones and Lopez.

The musical comedy is the tale of two Mormon missionaries Cunningham and Price. Though naive, they continue to be optimistic, the duo arrives in Uganda to share with the masses there The Book of Mormon. Unaware about the life prevailing in the Dark Continent, they are taken aback with shock upon arrival there. After being robbed at gun point by the soldiers of the local warlord, locales welcome them in the countryside narrating the conditions they have to overcome to lead life there.

To make their life appear better, villagers there continue to repeat the phrase “hasa diga eebowai” and even the missionaries join them while they make it into a song! Audiences at the Prince of Wales Theatre London will find it tough to hold on to their laughter once its meaning is revealed.

They are shocked at the cultural differences while people there are occupied in addressing issues like war, famine, AIDS and poverty. Upset with the developments, Cunningham, the one who was actually aware about the Holy Scripture, The Book of Mormon abandons the mission. He sets up for a more lucrative mission to Orlando while the ignorant Prince who has not read the book even once is left to struggle with the masses.

Some of the songs that are part of the show include Spooky Mormon Hell Dream, I Am Africa, Baptize Me, All American Prophet and Tomorrow Is A Latter Day.