Shaftesbury Theatre : Motown The Musical

Shaftesbury Theatre Seating plan

The stunning Shaftesbury Theatre has an astounding occupancy of 1400 and spread across three levels. The nearest section to the stage is Stall section which is split into front and back half with huge aisle. On the other hand, rear section is categorised into three blocks. The section is quite broad and deep.

If you are buying tickets in the rear half of the auditorium then you will quite away from the main action. On the back side of Stall section, the row extends and seats starts falling outside proscenium. For those who are looking for best viewing seat can opt for seats at the front of the rear section or towards the back of the front section. You will enjoy panoramic view of the stage.

The next section is the Royal section which offers good views from all the rows. It is wide and steep. It has been categorised into two blocks. Viewing of rear section will be affected as they will be quite far away from the main action. On the contrary, seats in the front section offer excellent views.

Grand Section is the upper most section and categorised into three smaller sections. It is 60 above the street levels, whereas 82 above the stalls. You will feel quite far away from the action, but the ticket price will make you happy, as it is quite low.