Lyceum Theatre Breaks

The Lyceum Theatre is one of Londonís largest London Westend theatres with an astounding occupancy of 2100 seats. The seating is spread across three levels. Stall section is nearest to the stage and offer the best views of the stage. Seats in the stall section are considered finest as the actors and puppets parade through the aisles on this level. You will experience the real action here. These seats are quite expensive as compare to others as they are close to the stage.

It would be advisable to go for the middle of the section as in the very front rows visibility of few parts of the show when the creatures crouch down becomes difficult. If you are planning to enjoy the show this weekend then you must book online. The popular theatre is located at the Westminster on Wellington Street, just off the famous Strand.

The history of the theatre dates back to 1772 when the theatre used to be room for exhibitions and concerts near the current site. After its debut the theatre has undergone several transformations. The appearance of the current theatre owes much to its rebuilding in 1834. Samuel Beazley designed the theatre and was opened with the new addition of a balcony overhanging the main section of the auditorium.

The theatre has hosted several events like circus, a chapel, a concert room, a waxworks exhibition, an opera house and a ballroom, as well as being utilised as a traditional theatre. For almost a decade, the theatre building remained unused until 1996 but was restored by Holohan Architects.