Disney's Lion King London tickets at Lyceum Theatre London

Lyceum Theatre is truly considered as the abode of blockbuster Disney's The Lion King! The literary meaning of this theatre is the garden where Aristotle used to preach. However, the seat of Aristotle has been taken over by the young and charming future Lion King Simba, who makes us believe in the power of dream. The beautiful saga of Simba is simply mesmerizing and all of us love to see him reclaiming his Kingdom back from his evil uncle Scar.

The timeless classic saga is a treat for people of all age groups. The brilliant award winning show has been adapted from the hugely popular blockbuster animated movie by Walt Disney. The enjoyable London show is enjoying a great successful run at the box office and drive audience from all across the globe to watch it over again. The incredible London show is a great way to spend some memorable time with your loved ones.

The popular London Westend Theatre, Lyceum has a rich and impressive history, as it has been into existence since 1765, whereas on 14th July 1834, the first theatre at the current site made its remarkable opening. The magnificent theatre is positioned at Wellington Street in the stunning City of Westminster London. The auditorium of Lyceum theatre has a whopping occupancy of 2100. Samuel Beazley and Bertie Crewe have designed the theatre and currently it is listed as Grade II building.
The blockbuster London show, The Lion King is the winner of several prestigious awards and acclamations. The screen version of the Disney's animated classic has been honoured with prestigious Oscars. The show as well as the movie version is a complete dazzling experience for the viewers. If you really want to enjoy the show at fullest then it would be best enjoyed amongst the company of your dear ones.
Experience the real magic of the Julie Taymor's spectacular production, The Lion King with your dear ones by booking online advance Lyceum Theatre Tickets. If you are planning for a memorable weekend then get ready to feel the magic of award winning and blockbuster London show, The Lion King running with packed houses at the Lyceum Theatre London.