Thriller Live Record Breaking Run at Lyric Theatre
The electrifying and rocking London musical, Thriller Live has made an entry into the record books of Lyric Theatre. The show has become longest running in the history of Lyric Theatre since its opening on December 1888.

The hugely successful musical tribute show of great performer Michael Jackson has made history at Lyric Theatre and became the longest running show in the last 125 years. With 1815 performances on May 2013, the show is still going strong featuring some of the sensational musical and dance performances by the talented performers.

During the great moment, Nica Burns, co-owner of Nimax chain of theatres made an announcement, “You are part of history being made tonight. Michael Jackson won so many amazing awards and set some impressive records in his lifetime and he continues to do that today! This is my theatre, and I'm delighted to announce that Thriller Live has become the longest running show in its 125-year history.” During this memorable moment, Thriller Live producer Paul Walden also stated, “London theatregoers and visitors to the city have truly embraced Thriller Live.”

He further added, “It is incredibly heartwarming that Thriller Live, now in its fifth year, is playing to some of the most enthusiastic audiences of its West End run, and it is thanks to those audiences that we have been able to smash this record. Recent sales have exceeded our expectations, telling us that the West End does not want to say goodbye to Thriller Live any time soon!”

The blockbuster show Thriller Live has been enjoyed by more than 2.3 million people across the globe in 26 countries.
20 Jan 201