Phantom of the Opera Speaks About his Memorable Moments
Brad Little, the veteran Broadway musical star starred in the first production of hugelt popular show The Phantom of the Opera in Shanghai in the year 2004.

Theatre lovers in China will also remember this great and power packed performer. After the end of his first performance, a group of Chinese fans met him for the first time. He quoted, “Many, many Chinese women were staring at me earnestly with their eyes full of tears.

They kept speaking to me in Chinese, as if I would understand. Of course, I couldn’t, but I could really feel what they were feeling.” For Little this was certainly a great moment as he is one of the major performers by all standards. He enacts the lead role of Phantom with so much of ease and perfection that people gets bowled over by his mesmerizing performance. For more than 2000 performances, he has acted as Phantom since the year 1996. Meeting such a great fan following in Shanghai was a memorable moment of this great performer.

 He further stated, “I will never forget that moment in Shanghai. I learned that many local people had to put aside three weeks of their salaries to buy a ticket. They almost couldn’t afford to buy anything extra – probably just a key ring to remember the experience of watching this show. The audiences in Shanghai really made me believe that they cherished the show much more than any other place we had toured before.”
21 Jan 201