Billy Elliot Successful Voyage from Screen to Theatre
The mesmerizing London saga Billy Elliot has been adapted from a blockbuster movie. The hugely loved saga of a boy who is deeply in love with ballet has been presented onstage by creators Lee Hall and Elton John.

The heart touching saga of Billy Elliot is a complete audio visual treat for the theatre lovers. The gripping tale of a young boy love for ballet against the backdrop of striking miners has been beautifully presented with the addition of 15 original compositions from Billy Elliot The musical.

The miner community is presented in a much bigger way and strike’s effect on workers have a devastating presence. The Grandma has little to do in the movie, however her role has been given a lot in the theatrical musical and etched as a tap dancing diva with the famous Grandma’s Song.

The onstage presentation has to overcome various challenges for enlivening up Billy Elliot at the theatre. For instance, the child actors need to sing, dance and act well. Westend production needs four actors for rotating cast and they need to dance tap and ballet beautifully. On the other hand, in the movie version, the lead actor Jamie Bell need to dance ballet a little. There are a few differences in the movie version and the stage enactment. The show Billy Elliot still succeeds in touching the chords of heart.
31 Jan 201