The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theatre.

Her Majestys Theatre Seating Plan

The magnificent Her Majesty's Theatre has astounding seating capacity of 1160, where seats are spread all over two levels as Stalls and Dress Circle. The largest part of the auditorium is covered with Stalls on the ground floor which is nearest to the stage. For those who are looking for better view of stage, must opt for central and closer to the front section of seating.

With the prices of the seating, you can get an idea of the location and view from the specific seat. If you are looking for slight cheaper tickets then go towards the back of seating section. The Stalls has been categorized into three major sections, where the large central section offers good views of stage. In Row J, there are some of the finest viewing seats as compare to those rows which are closer to the stage.

Dress Circle is the Upper tier of the Her Majesty's Theatre and gives some of the brilliant views of the stage, as it overhangs. Tickets prices are quite similar to Stalls, especially the front row section. However, if you go back then you would be able to get bargain seats. For those who have some walking problems or fear of heights then back of Dress Circle is not recommended.

The multi award winning London musical, The Phantom of the Opera is certainly one of the most successful and loved shows. Andrew Lloyd Webber's classic is set against the backdrop of gothic Paris Opera House and revolves around the tragic love saga of Phantom and his muse soprano Christine Daae. With immensely soulful musical compositions, the show is a true delight for people of all age groups. From 17 to 70, The Phantom of the Opera is thoroughly enjoyed by all.

For those who are planning to view The Phantom of the Opera this weekend, must opt for online advance Phantom of the Opera Tickets or Her Majesty Theatre Tickets. The show usually runs houseful shows, so grabbing your tickets in advance would be a smarter decision to make. Her Majesty Theatre's auditorium is regarded as one of the largest amongst all with an occupancy of 1216, it is spread across four levels as Stalls, Royal Circle, Grand Circle and Balcony.

Stalls section is the one which is nearest to the stage and offers great view. The seats are bit expensive here as compare to other sections. If you are really vying to catch the best view of the stage then try to manage seats in centre of the front rows of the section. For those who are seating quite close to stage might find some difficulties is viewing the stage.

You can also enjoy excellent view from Royal Circle which overhangs the stall section. Although, prices are quite similar to Stall section, still you would be able to grab good views from here. Grand Circle is the second highest tier and ideal place to sit, as it offers decent view at reasonable price. Balcony is the uppermost one and makes the viewer far away from the action. It is an ideal place for those who want to very cheap tickets.