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The musical magic ‘Let It Be’ is a fascinating experience for all the theatre lovers. Sense the rocking hit with London show, ‘Let It Be’, at the magnificent Prince of Wales Theatre, London.

Let It Be features Beatle’s twenty rocking hits, which includes I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Hard Day's Night, Day Trippers, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Strawberry Fields, When I'm 64, Hello Good Bye, Get Back etc at the Prince of Wales Theatre.

Let It Be showcases the work of world’s most successful rock’n’roll band, by using dazzling video footage to tell the story of the band’s meteoric rise from their modest beginnings in Liverpool’s Cavern Club, through the height of Beatlemania, to their later studio masterpieces.

Year 1884 marked the foundation of a theatre on the site of Prince of Wales Theatre. C J Phipps was the architect of the original building. The old Prince Theatre was a three-tier auditorium featured Moorish style with white, cream and golden shades. Curtains and upholstery have strong earthy colors. Year 1937 marked the demolition of older theatre and gave way to the latest one.

For the house variety shows, architect Robert Cromie was commissioned specifically to construct the theater accordingly. Some of the major changes done are large stalls bar accompanied with dance floor.

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